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OpenProdoc 2.0

Openprodoc is a Document Management System, that is, a program for managing documents as well as a description of each document and share them between users. All this grouped in folder/cases that contain the documents and with a security layer so each user acces to the allowed documents. Documents can be searched by its metadata or by its content as in any Internet search web.

It's free to use and it's Open Source, so you can review the source code and even improve it or adapt to your requirements.

OpenProdoc has a portable version that can be used in any computer (Linux, Windows, Mac) WITHOUT INSTALLATION installation and WITH ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY. The portable version can be used by one user or several users at the same time because includes a complete server.

Beside the document functionality, OpenProdoc includes the managing of multilanguage thesauri and controlled dictionaries that can be used isolated or combined with the document definitions.

MainWin 2.0

New functionality in version 2.0 (March 2017)

The version 2.0 adds, to the existing functionality, important improvements:

MainWinThes 2.0

SearchDocs 2.0